ATLAS Reality collaborates with legal experts in the real estate market. Our lawyers are better-informed on specialization, which for a particular case.
Each client is treated individually.

We approach every client individually.

Provide clients with comprehensive and professional legal services:

  • contracts for Real Estate transactions
  • Purchase agreement, the Reservation agreement, deed of gift, exchange contract, contract for the sale of the company, including the verification of signatures on these contracts and prepare a requests for the transfer of ownership of property with the Land Registry
  • preliminary contract
  • Agreement on the establishment of easements
  • agreement on custody (to secure the purchase price)
  • lease contract to lease and sublease apartments, villas, houses and commercial properties
  • legal advice on all legal relations regarding real estate with potential links to other branches of law
  • expert opinion
  • all operations with the Land Registry

ATLAS reality offers clients not only real estate services, but on the basis of long experience and services related to financing purchases of properties and also providing clients with all comfort of full-service in dealing with the situation.