How to get your dream living with the best possible mortgage?

If you have not verified all the options market, which will certainly take a lot of time you can devote your profession, family, hobbies or friends, you can take out an expensive mortgage loan and you may lose a large part of their funds.

With us you will save your precious time and you will never be alone when solving your financial issues. Leave us painstaking work in finding answers to your questions, and you keep the right of the final YES or NOT.

Since more than 85% of real estate sales are financed through loans, we would like to offer brokerage of real estate and service in this direction. Already at the time of the conclusion of the reservation agreement it is good to know if the credit is granted to the applicants and under what conditions.

Claims on banks' clients are different and we will check for you the most feasible and cheapest variant, which we also offer. There is no need to lose hope for  own housing when refused by one bank, we are ready for you to reach more banks and up for failure by more than 5 banking entities, we can assess the situation so that you cannot get a bank loan. We firmly believe that this does not happen and you know that this situation does not happen often.

We bring added value to the client in the form of counseling, which includes developing business relationships with banks, credit calculators and updating interest rates and, ultimately, the methodology of banking institutions to obtain the desired loan. The quality of our mortgage servicing from clients about buying a property assessed as very strong tie breaker work itself, real estate brokers and is one of the reasons that lead to recommendations for new customers our satisfied clients.

The client is interested in buying real estate, we are interested to sell this property to the client as well as related by our great motivation to ensure you get the best bank loan. From this equation, it is quite evident that the client's interest is our interest, and make every possible effort to ensure that all parties were satisfied. Our goal is a satisfied customer who will want us to remain in long-term cooperation and will turn to us to continue with the needs of their financial affairs.

How to choose the best mortgage

     Provide any available information about how to negotiate the best mortgage
     (US mortgages, mortgages without proof of income, mortgage on cooperative apartment, mortgage refinancing)

     Personal meetings with specified requirements and subsequent active communication with the client

     Saving your money - we always have a current mortgage rates, the amount of fees associated with the processing of a loan between individual banks

     For clients who buy property through our real estate agents, we offer our services free of charge

     We will provide an estimate of your property

     Conserve your time

How does the process of obtaining a mortgage loan

     We evaluate the financial capacity of the client on a personal meeting

     Prepare the purchase contract (or future purchase contract) - tuned to the specific requirements of banks

     Following the submission of tenders shall make the final selection of the financing bank

     Prepare documents for obtaining a mortgage loan - the client submits documents to their identification, credit score and sign already prepared a loan application. We as your financial adviser will arrange developing the desired estimate and collect the required documents to the bank. Then comes the mortgage loan approval and signing of the loan agreement by the client (this process takes up to 5 working days from the submission of a complete folder to the bank)

The most widely used credit product currently is the mortgage, or if a mortgage loan for the purchase, construction or reconstruction of buildings. In short, we can do a simple summary of the mortgage is actually a loan secured by real estate.

Something about mortgages

Mortgage loan (or mortgage) is a loan intended for natural and legal persons. It must always be secured by a lien on property in the Czech Republic. Usually financed property is used as collateral, but it is not a condition, also another object can be a guarantee-.

     Partial mortgages (mortgage loan amount does not exceed 85% of the appraised value of the property)

     One hundred percent of the mortgage (mortgage loan amount is 86% -100% value of the property) -These are generally provided with a higher interest rate

     Maturity mortgages ranges from 5 to 30 years

     A mortgage is usually provided on more favorable terms compared to eg. non-purpose loan.

We will be happy to provide you more information upon personal meeting. Do not hesitate contact us.