Real estate agency ATLAS Properties provides its clients with complete real estate services covering all the essentials of real estate business.

The legal services
We provide comprehensive legal services - ie. Ensuring all legal and drafting contracts, eventually. ensuring notarial custody and all formalities related to the sale of the property or the transfer of an inheritance, etc. Each rent, sell or purchase property inherent in drafting appropriate contract. We provide professional legal and advisory services in all areas of business law, specializing in contracts related to the sale, purchase, lease, management of assets and the establishment of companies.

Financial services and mortgages
if necessary mortgage payments will arrange a free assessment of creditworthiness (ability to repay the loan) and processing best value loan for Peace (assessing the bids of all mortgage banks and building societies).
In collaboration with relevant partners to provide mortgage loan, savings, including advice for your real estate.

Tax advice
In connection with the sale and lease of real estate, we are ready with our clients to consult tax aspects of these transactions.
In case of transfer of property to the purchaser (sale, donation, inheritance, etc.) is required transferor and transferee to pay for certain types of taxes with respect to the transfer:
•   real estate transfer tax
•   income tax
•   gift tax
•   inheritance tax
•   property tax
In the case of lease or sublease of real estate is obligated to pay the lessor or lessee, in some cases income tax.
For our clients, we provide the preparation of tax returns in connection with the sale of the property or its lease.

Valuations, surveying works
to the property in question provide an expert opinion, or further. drawing geometric plan, changes in the geometric plan - a new focus property ad.

Property Management
Many owners are tired of trivial solutions of various repair equipment owners who lease. Sometimes there is a problem communicating with tenants, neighbors, etc. Solving all of these issues will require a lot of time and energy you can save with us and do activities that you really enjoy. Some property owners value their time and comfort so that all the worries property like ceded real estate managers, whom they hire. This kind of owner we have prepared property management services.

Outvoted for energy consumption
Surely you tired of spending your precious time in queues at offices and the like. If you want to save queuing in the transfer of electricity consumption, gas, telephone, Internet, etc. Will be happy to accept our offer of settlement transfers energy consumption. Just sign relevant documents and queues at the offices of transmission and distribution companies for you manage and deal with all the formalities associated with the transfers.

Processing energy certification of buildings - PENB
(certificate of energy performance of buildings). Quickly and inexpensively according to Law 318 / 2012Sb. et seq.