Every beginning of the new year brings changes to which we have become accustomed. MPs and the government gives us nothing else to choose from do not. And this year is no exception. Since last year, the concept of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) became a term often mentioned in connection with houses and apartments in the press and media. For this year, 2015, the obligation to ensure energy certificate extends more than it was last year. If you want to sell or rent a building or portion thereof you have to state the energy demand, which is specified in the certificate. This figure must be from 1 January 2015 shown on information and advertising materials, such as advertisements, leaflets, etc. Energy Performance Certificate must also provide the builder, the owner of the building or condominium, both in residential buildings and even office buildings. It is decisive in these cases the total energy reference area that is larger than 1500 m2.
You may be interested on what documents the Certificate will be prepared. For energy specialist who will process the card, it is important to have construction documents of the building. The Certificate can be processed without construction documentation if not available, but we can assume that the costs will be higher.
Energy Performance Certificates show that a new or renovated building just meets the energy performance requirements. Upon sale or lease offers new candidates certified value, from which one can - in typical use - to derive annual energy costs. It is equivalent to placing standard consumption of an automobile, for example, or the label with energy class on the fridge. Energy Performance Certificates to protect consumers. Inform participants in the real estate market, the quality of goods, which is essential to its proper functioning. So people do not buy the "pig in a poke" - for example, the building, the operation of which they consequently very expensive.