As a broker, I meet many property owners. It is well known that the partial or total reconstruction of property can be made more economically and in a very costly design. Some properties are very luxuriously equipped technologically, often built-in storage or electrical appliances (except kitchen equipment that may be central vacuum, air conditioning units, outdoor electric shutters or pergolas, water heaters, laundry equipment, exceptionally well built home theater), sometimes with furniture or without furniture. They rode so, owners in this case gave great job with renovations to their property and invested a lot of time, talent and financial resources.

Properly chosen, careful and sensitive reconstruction then create housing in such a beautiful living space, where its future users may feel very comfortable and cozy. We all know how beautiful it is returned to the place where we feel cozy and inviting and everything has its proper purpose and order. One such meeting, and the experience for me was discovering this beautiful rustic kitchen. The kitchen is custom-made and comes from the kitchen studio Zanussi. Wall and floor tiles kitchen itself beautifully combined with the built-in line. This line is beautifully brought to the smallest detail, including the magical handles with a touch of antiquity and in the final version of a combination of metal and ceramics. It is known that women or housewives spend much time in the kitchen and especially if they have children. Future user of this kitchen is not only beautiful work space but also a decorative cabinet with glass cabinets that can do both for practical purposes, but to be ornamental reasons such place. Celebratory dinner service festivities glasses and cutlery. Great worktop is sufficient for its working area, even though this desktop partially interrupted ceramic cooking surface with four plates and electric oven in its lower part and a stainless steel sink with mixing batteries. Property owners also thought to have a sufficient number of electrical outlets, which mainly applied to other small appliances (such as a kettle, automatic coffee maker or food processors, toasters, etc.) will come sooner or later, very useful. Although the kitchen is very lit by natural light coming from the windows on the left side of the kitchen but from the right side of the living room will certainly be very useful additional helpful artificial lighting in a space under the upper cabinets - beautiful and practical and fluorescent light illuminates the work surface. The kitchen counter is very practically left side of the refrigerator incorporated separated at the top and the bottom of the freezer, then also built-in dishwasher, which today is an absolutely essential part of modern households. Today's modern dishwasher can be built entirely or partially built. In this case let property owners to build a fully integrated dishwasher that fits so nicely into the kitchen a whole and not in this case violated the control panel of the machine. Today hospodyňkám dishwashers ever make it very easy job but their main advantage over the "unpopular manual dishwashing," it is especially big saving water and electricity. Just off the kitchen is possible to place a large dining table with eight chairs need a future housewife and is partly in contact with his family or guests and can straight from the stove to serve delicious culinary creations. Especially mothers with children will appreciate the proximity to the desktop near the dining area, because they can keep their children in children's chairs at the dining table under constant surveillance. Just off the kitchen is beautifully bright living room with French windows, so that the overall space brings not only a lot of natural lighting but especially nice touch with nature or the garden around the house. Garden then beautifully and sensitively enters the space of the living areas of the house that future users will appreciate not only during spring but also in winter when you can decorate a live Christmas tree in the garden, they can enjoy the flashing light on the tree while the comfort and warmth his home.

Extension of the Metro "A" from Prague 6 - Dejvice in Prague 5 - Motol certainly affect the prices of real estate near the new metro stations. To Motol where to route and extension metram you ride since April 2015. Many real estate house owner would wonder exactly how that Metro will close Realty affect their prices.

Real estate prices began to rise at the time when it was evident that the Extension of the metro will be built and construction began, which was in 2010. The whole area of ​​Motol, which was only accessible from the city buses and trams to obtain more attractive. And not only Motol a raise, but White Mountain settlement Petřiny, Veleslavín and Vokovice.

Prices of apartments in the neighborhood of newly built subway stations increased over the past 5 years by about 5-7%. The new Metro station is Bořislavka, Veleslavín Station, Petra and the hospital. Until now, the Metro and drove to the end station Dejvická, Prague 6 - Dejvice, in a heavily loaded Dejvicím should zprovození for the extension of the "A" to relieve. With the opening of new subway stations are expected to increase pressure on the number of parking spaces around the new metro stations where they park their car, passengers who will park at the metro and then proceed to the city by subway.

Opening of new subway stations Bořislavka, Veleslavín Station, Petra and Hospital Motol significantly strengthen Public transportation in Prague 6 but i Prague 5. In 15 minutes it is possible to get from the terminus of the route A to the city center.

Yes, many times already discussed all media scandal - Tunel Blanka would be opened after  a few delays in March and April 2015. All the people of Prague and make it much easier to pass through Prague. With the new tunnel will be easy to get from Prague 7 and 8 to Prague 6 and 5 Prague residents and drivers passing by Prague with significant relief from time consuming creeping columns in Letná, Hradčanská, Museums and Charles Square. After launching the Blanka tunnel management plans city traffic restrictions that will bring more traffic into the tunnel Blanka.
Blanka tunnel complex is being built as part of the Prague City Ring Road between the flyo-ver Malovanka (ending Strahov tunnel in Prague 6) and a flyover Pelc-Tyrolka (Prague 7 - Troja). Blanka tunnel length is about 6.4 km. Tunel Blanka consists in fact more tunnels - namely Bubenečský  tunnel, Dejvický tunnel and Brusnický tunnel. Tunnel complex, con-struction of which was commissioned by the former political class under the leadership of Mayor Pavel Bem, was originally scheduled to open in 2011. Originally, the building con-struction of a tunnel Blanka Prague should cost municipal treasury about 28 billion, the final price will be much higher. Reportedly no corruption was proved  in connection with the con-struction of the tunnel Blanka.
Implementation of the first part of the tunnel Blanka began with construction in 2005 Malo-vanka, in 2007, construction began in Letná  and in Troja. On Hradčanská  a large construc-tion began in the summer of 2008, then opened  the construction site on Prašný most and Myslbek. In 2010 went into high gear and work in the street Patočkova and Troja bridge. In 2013 Prašný most intersection was returned to the original position. Along with the construc-tion of the Blanka tunnel was built new Trojský bridge that spanned the Holešovice and Troja, which opened to traffic on Monday 5th October 2014.

Every beginning of the new year brings changes to which we have become accustomed. MPs and the government gives us nothing else to choose from do not. And this year is no exception. Since last year, the concept of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) became a term often mentioned in connection with houses and apartments in the press and media. For this year, 2015, the obligation to ensure energy certificate extends more than it was last year. If you want to sell or rent a building or portion thereof you have to state the energy demand, which is specified in the certificate. This figure must be from 1 January 2015 shown on information and advertising materials, such as advertisements, leaflets, etc. Energy Performance Certificate must also provide the builder, the owner of the building or condominium, both in residential buildings and even office buildings. It is decisive in these cases the total energy reference area that is larger than 1500 m2.
You may be interested on what documents the Certificate will be prepared. For energy specialist who will process the card, it is important to have construction documents of the building. The Certificate can be processed without construction documentation if not available, but we can assume that the costs will be higher.
Energy Performance Certificates show that a new or renovated building just meets the energy performance requirements. Upon sale or lease offers new candidates certified value, from which one can - in typical use - to derive annual energy costs. It is equivalent to placing standard consumption of an automobile, for example, or the label with energy class on the fridge. Energy Performance Certificates to protect consumers. Inform participants in the real estate market, the quality of goods, which is essential to its proper functioning. So people do not buy the "pig in a poke" - for example, the building, the operation of which they consequently very expensive.