Extension of the Metro "A" from Prague 6 - Dejvice in Prague 5 - Motol certainly affect the prices of real estate near the new metro stations. To Motol where to route and extension metram you ride since April 2015. Many real estate house owner would wonder exactly how that Metro will close Realty affect their prices.

Real estate prices began to rise at the time when it was evident that the Extension of the metro will be built and construction began, which was in 2010. The whole area of ​​Motol, which was only accessible from the city buses and trams to obtain more attractive. And not only Motol a raise, but White Mountain settlement Petřiny, Veleslavín and Vokovice.

Prices of apartments in the neighborhood of newly built subway stations increased over the past 5 years by about 5-7%. The new Metro station is Bořislavka, Veleslavín Station, Petra and the hospital. Until now, the Metro and drove to the end station Dejvická, Prague 6 - Dejvice, in a heavily loaded Dejvicím should zprovození for the extension of the "A" to relieve. With the opening of new subway stations are expected to increase pressure on the number of parking spaces around the new metro stations where they park their car, passengers who will park at the metro and then proceed to the city by subway.

Opening of new subway stations Bořislavka, Veleslavín Station, Petra and Hospital Motol significantly strengthen Public transportation in Prague 6 but i Prague 5. In 15 minutes it is possible to get from the terminus of the route A to the city center.