This offer is not longer available
Area floor 450m2
Type of ownership Private
Parking Není
Structure of building Brick
Availability unknown
apartment arrangement six bedroom apartment with living room and kitchenette (7+kk)
Balcony No
Loggia No
Cellar No
Number of aboveground floor 2
Number of underground floor 1
Type of contract Non- exclusive
Mortgage No
Area built up 250m2
Area of lot 1,200m2
Area use 450m2
Status of estate New building
Year of construction 2,011
Parking Is not
Furnished Unfurnished
Utilisation by land use planning Living


The house stands on land over 1200 square meters and consists of a fully residential basement, which has a separate entrance and two floors. The basement has a separate apartment with large bathroom, which was planned as a laundry, which is a separate toilet. This part of the basement is separated from the second part of the basement, the stairs which lead from the ground floor. Under this staircase is planned toilet and sink, which is available to the playroom, which has a planned bar, which is already fed water and waste. The games room is directly connected a separate building from structural reasons, and because of moisture separated from the building expansion joint. This building is a concrete swimming pool in the state of the pit, the level of which is planned in line with the card room. The pool is separated from the glass walls of the atrium, from which the staircase leads to the terrace on the ground floor. Below the terrace is accessible from the atrium boiler. There is a large office, guest bedroom, separate bathroom, toilet, pantry and kitchen and large living room. Above this room is a ceiling to half, second half of the ceiling to the saddle roof. Above the ceiling, which is only half the large gallery, so the living room for the family, which includes a recess in the copper tower, which overlooks the surrounding countryside. On the first floor are two further bathrooms, large bedroom with dressing room and one smaller bedroom. On all sides, that is from both bedrooms from the gallery above the staircase from the living room for the family, the outputs of both smaller and larger terraces. The house adjoins another parcel of approximately 800 m2, in which the original builders plan to build a separate house, which would be a garage, barn with 4 boxes in the attic apartment for the stable boy. The access road leads home, and part of the offer is two-thirds share of the road. Communication at the end of the house. The house is situated on the corner property on two sides and is surrounded by farmland, which is already part of the cadastral territory of a neighboring village, and therefore it is impossible to build. This land consists of several parcels and the original builder years ago, some of them act and they were willing to sell it. The original builder planned to buy about 3 hectares and is used as a paddock for horses. The house has drilled wells and building permits to build gas storage. In the meantime, however, the gas introduced into the village and the original builder had already signed a preliminary agreement to establish a connection to the house. Due to problems with ground water reclamation canal was piped around the house, this is then carried several hundred yards across the field adjacent to the stream. About 100 meters across the field pronajatelný tennis court and across the road to this court's agricultural land, which takes place in a neighboring village Všestary discussions on the usability of the golf course. In the future this course are no longer forests. Within walking distance away is the railway station, which builds trains, which stop is next Říčany and then proceeds to Vršovice and Prague's main train station. It is about 3km from the house to exit at the D1 Grand Popovic. Stage of construction: Electricity is needed to assemble, including divorce cases. The house is in place under floor heating on the ground and basement, but need to be equipped with a boiler. In all bathrooms and toilets on the divorced and waste water, toilets flushing device is mounted Geberit, it is necessary to finish paving, tiles, toilets, showers, sinks, tubs and bidets. They finished interior plaster, but lacks all the railings, the door jamb and finishing of floors and staircases. The house is well insulated then plastered then painted without a primer paint so desperate to paint a new figure, including penetration. Both sites are along the fence are not any landscaping. Also not railing on balconies or terraces and the finish. The pool is a concrete-lined trench without technology.

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