This offer is not longer available
Area floor 673m2
Type of ownership Private
Parking Není
Structure of building Brick
Availability unknown
apartment arrangement bigger than eight bedroom apartment with living room and two separate kitchens
Balcony No
Loggia No
Cellar No
Type of contract Non- exclusive
Mortgage No
Area built up 250m2
Area use 673m2
Parking Is not
Furnished Unfurnished
Utilisation by land use planning Living


Sale of representative villa in Praha 6 Bubeneč. A building constructed in the turning point of 19th and 20th centrury built for a purpose of a suburban apartment building. Villa has one underground story and two aerial stories. Used for residential purposes with several inhabitable units. Each unit has been reconsturcted depending on the renters needs. Original windows have been replaced by plastic windows on the second floor. The originál doors have been also replaced. A new unit has been built in the attic. A terrace is available. There are three entryways to the building. Building is in good condition. Two parking spots in a garage. 673 sqm.

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Vladimír Stránský

Vladimír Stránský

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